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Does your child need tuition?

The signs that your child is struggling at school are that,

  • the lack enthusiasm to do homework
  • low progress test results
  • lack of confidence in particular subjects
  • dislike for core subjects such as Maths and English
  • We believe when children do not understand a concept they begin to dislike to continue. In school environment with around 30 pupils in class, it may be difficult to identify whether everyone is at the same pace. Children tend to agree that they understood the topic due to peer pressure. In such situations, they may be moving forward in the curriculum without understanding the fundamental concepts. This can cause the child to struggle in advanced topics. Tuition can help the child to discuss the concepts they do not understand and gain help to move forward.

    You may also find that your child find school boring since she/he may not have been stretched to their full potential. It is essential to discuss with your child’s teacher to understand the performance of your child. Teachers may be able to advise you to whether your child needs supplementary lessons or that the child could benefit from an extra bit of help.

    Should I recruit a home tutor?

    There are many good home tutors who can help your child and is available to come to your home on a time convenient to you. However, you must ensure that the tutor is qualified and a subject specialist and that they are familiar with the national curriculum and the exam boards. You must also request to carry out regular progress tests to monitor your child’s progress. It is also essential that you request an enhanced CRB check. Redbridge council provide advice to parents before recruiting a home tutor. We do not offer home tuition since we cannot monitor the teacher performance.

    Hiring a Private Tutor, information from the Redbridge Council

    Why should my child come to Crown Tuition Centre?

    Our class sizes do not reach above 5 and we aim to recruit only 5 children in a class. This gives our teachers the ability to individually address each problem a child has and cater for their needs. While the lessons are designed around the national curriculum, each child has the ability to get the attention without peer pressure.

    For all lessons, one-to-one and group, we continuously monitor the teacher performance and the child’s progress. End of every lesson children are given home work to maximise the retention. We conduct free assessment every four weeks to monitor child’s progress. We provide progress reports to parents on regular basis to keep parents up to date. We encourage parents to involve in our study program by monitoring and advising the child on their revision and home work and relaying back us if they have any concerns. Therefore we keep in constant communication with parents.

    Our teachers are qualified and experienced. We do not recruit undergraduates or A Level students since we believe such students are not familiar with the national curriculum and teaching techniques.

    We value discipline and we respect the school disciplinary procedures. We aim to maintain high standards and create a learning environment safe and suitable for everyone to learn. You can obtain the centre code of conduct at the time of enrolment.

    How many hours of tuition my child needs?

    We believe tuition is only supplementary education and should not take the form of a secondary school. Providing your child more and more hours will only rob their childhood and they will not receive a balanced life. Just three hours per week for Maths, Science and English is sufficient for a child to receive extra help. We recommend two hours per week per subject for GCSE (year 11) and A Level students.

    Our Prices

    Crown Tuition is currently offering introductory discounted prices. Children who join us in the first year will continue to receive the discounted price throughout their time with us. Contact us 020 3657 5888 to discuss the prices and the flexible payment options available to you.