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Mother's Day Tributes from 11 Plus Students...

Mother's Day Tributes from 11 Plus Students

As per the National Curriculum requirements, our 11 Plus programme continues to emphasise children’s enjoyment encouraging them to develop their enthusiasm in writing, hence our 11 Plus students' English homework during the Mother's Day week was to write an essay thanking their mother and present to her on Mother's Day. Above are samples of their work.

11 Plus Entrance Exam Preparation

Here at Crown Tuition Eleven Plus Grammar School Entrance Exam Programme will prepare your child by covering Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning, Maths and English in preparation for the eleven plus entrance examinations at the grammar schools in Redbridge, Essex and Kent. The prgramme starts from Year 3 building a foundation for the children to reach their full potential. There are also entry points at Year 4 and at Year 5.

Tuition is held at our centre, weekdays from 4:30pm until 8:30pm, Saturdays lessons are between 10am and 8pm and Sundays between 10.00am and 6.00pm. The lessons will cover the four subjects listed above and pupils will be expected to do homework that will be marked by parents. We will feed back to you via the homework diary.

Parents need to be cautious pursuing extreme practice for 11 Plus where the child is only trained to write the exam but not taught the concepts and techniques. Many children who practice just 11 plus could lack in fundamental knowledge in Maths and English, which may later affect their overall Maths and English performance.

Changes from 2014

Essex-Redbridge 11 Plus is the entrance exam for Ilford County for Boys and Woodford County for Girls Grammar Schools, consisted of Verbal Reasoning Test & Non Verbal Reasoning Test until 2013. For Redbridge 11 plus selection test School Admission in September 2015, there has been a new arrangment for the exams conducted in September 2014. The examination in September 2014 will use test materials from the University of Durham CEM Centre, which assess pupils’ understanding and application of knowledge and skills taught in the Key Stage 2 curriculum. The Non Verbal and Verbal Papers are replaced by new Maths, Non Verbal Paper and English and Verbal Paper. Read more...

The Redbridge Council has published a familiarisation booklet on this new arrangment. Download the booklet here.

11 Plus Group Classes


What is the 11 Plus?

11 plus is an entrance exam sat by many children who is wishing to gain entry to grammar schools or selective independent schools when moving from Primary School to Secondary School. The test is taken normally at the beginning of year 6. Contact us and book a free consultation to go through your child’s 11 plus test requirements and which schools you can apply and how. You can also book a free assessment at the time of your consultation. We also provide an informaation pack to registered parents which contains indepth information about 11 Plus and a list of selective schools.



Which School to apply?

Essex Redbridge 11 plus


Essex-Redbridge 11 Plus is the entrance exam for Ilford County for Boys and Woodford County for Girls Grammar Schools. The Test consisted of English & Verbal Reasoning Test and Maths & Non Verbal Reasoning Test from 2014.Read more...

Secondary Schools run by Redbridge Council

Independent Schools in Regbridge

Independent Schools

We help children with Maths and English to prepare them for Independent School entrance exams. Many Selective Independent schools opt for Maths, English and Verbal Reasoning tests.

Essex 11 Plus


Essesx 11 Plus is the entrance exam for Essex and Southend grammar schools managed by the Consortium of Selective Schools in Essex (CSSE). The exam includes English, Maths, Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning tests..

Call 01245 348 257 or go to on how to apply.

When and how to apply

When & How to apply?

Details on when and how to apply are available on your local council website or on the Independent School Website. For State Grammer School 11 Plus tests, the council announces when and how the applications need to be submitted.


Kent remains the largest grammar school region. Also known as the Kent Test, Kent 11 Plus provides the option to apply to Kent grammar schools. However the entry criteria differ from school to school therefore parents must contact the respective school before a decision is made to apply.

Secondary schools in Kent

Books & Resources

While there are many books and resources available for 11 plus, it is essential to know which exam board your child’s test is from. You can order latest 11 plus resources via us at discounted rates. Click here to find out more.

During the year 4, we believe it is essential that parents discuss about their child’s secondary school education opportunities with the Primary School Head Teacher. Parents have the opportunity to identify whether their son or daughter needs a bit of extra help in Maths & English before it is too late.

For more, indepth information on 11 Plus, a useful website to visit is